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Listed below are the varieties of floor systems available to commercial, industrial and institutional applications. The type of surface, present condition and the intended use are all key factors in determining which type of floor system best suits your specific application.

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Primers & Sealers

The best flooring systems begin with a low viscocity epoxy or acrylic primer coat that penetrates, seals and reinforces concrete floors prior to resurfacing.


Membranes and Crack Fillers

In areas where containment and stress relief head the list of priorities, an elastomeric waterproofing membrane is an ideal foundation layer.



Clear or pigmented epoxy, acrylic or urethane binders fuse with multicolored or natural quartz aggregate to create a monolithic matrix layer with high tensile strength and superior longevity

This heavy duty resurfacer restores spalled or eroded concrete in the most demanding abrasive wear environments. Available in standard slip resistant, orange peel and smooth textures.


Performance Topcoats

The perfect finish for epoxy or methyl methacrylate flooring systems, a performance topcoat makes your floors more chemical and abrasion resistant while imparting a high gloss, low glare satin or flat finish, depending on your preference.


Coatings: Floor and Wall

Quality coatings are the key components in any flooring system. High strength, abrasion resistant epoxy or acrylic coatings can be further enhanced with Bio-Pruf™ antimicrobial treatment, chemical and heat resistant Novolac and other special formulations.


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