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Epoxy Floor Systems is proud to work with businesses institutions in a wide variety of industries throughout the Southeastern United States.  If you are ready to address your commercial or industrial floor needs, please contact us to discuss your options with one of our flooring consultants. We will help you identify the best flooring solution for your needs and make it a reality.

  • Pharmaceutical

    Our pharmaceutical flooring eliminates crevices that can

    harbor moisture and bacteria. Our pharmaceutical  floors

    can be installed within hours to reduce impact to operations. 

  • Medical and Clean Rooms

    When patient safety is the number one priority in your hospital or healthcare facility, medical grade flooring is the solution.

    Our hospital grade flooring offers an easy to clean, stain-resistant, seamless surface that eliminates any crevices that could harbor potentially dangerous bacteria and keeps your hospital or healthcare facility looking and performing at the highest level.

  • Grocery and Retail

    Grocery and retail store flooring needs to be attractive,

    durable and provide a slip resistant surface for customers.

    Our easy-to-maintain floors don’t require stripping or waxing and are seamless which eliminates places where dirt and bacteria can hide. This is especially important in grocery

    store prep areas

  • Auto Dealerships

    Your auto dealership floors need to look professional, be slip resistant and easy to clean.  We can give your showroom floors an updated look with many choices of colors and patterns.

  • Fire, Rescue and Public Safety

    Fire station flooring needs to be durable and provide a slip-resistant surface.  Apparatus bays can be customized with line striping in a variety of colors to clearly mark where vehicles should park.

  • Manufacturing

    Manufacturing flooring must be slip resistant and durable.

    Our floors come in many colors and offer impact and abrasion resistance. Most importantly, they can be installed quickly to reduce or eliminate downtime.

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